How to Get Your Yard Ready for a Home Sale

November 29, 2022


Get your yard ready for a home sale.

The Interior of your home is a top priority when selling the property. The quality of the floors, cleanliness, bathroom and kitchen upgrades, and other details are all important for the sale’s success. However, focusing too much on the interior usually, cause sellers to make a common mistake – forget about the exterior. The curb appeal of your property will be the first thing potential buyers will see and help them form their first impression. Your yard should represent the buyers; this guide will help you achieve that. Here’s how to get your yard ready for a home sale. 

Importance of yard and curb appeal in the sale process

Curb appeal is one of the main factors in the buying process. It’s what makes people want to see what’s inside. The landscaping and the overall look of the yard of your property is kind of an introduction for buyers to what they can expect on the inside. A neat yard with obvious attention to detail will help buyers create a positive impression of your property and attract buyers who accidentally passed by your home. The look of the yard and other aspects of curb appeal, such as the property’s frontage, gates, driveway, etc., can affect the value and ensure buyers make more generous offers. Not to mention that it can help sell your home faster.

Ways to get your yard ready for a home sale 

After you finish all the interior preparations, it’s time to pay attention to the outside of your home and get your yard ready for a home sale. Here are the steps you shouldn’t skip for better results. 

Let it be spring 

Most sellers decide to put their properties on the market with the first rays of the sun in spring. And they are not wrong – buyers usually start house-hunting in March and April. That is why one of the first things you should do is remove all the residues of the winter season and let your yard enjoy the springtime. Old leaves, branches, dead flowers – ensure all is gone. It will not only make your yard look better, but it will also allow plants and grass to grow without any obstacles. Peak Services Las Vegas remind you that don’t forget to check the old bird’s nests or nest leftovers. These not only make the yard messier, but they can also spread parasites, cause problems on your roof, and block the gutters. Trust a certified professional for total bird control of your home’s outdoor space and better results.

a house with a tidy yard

Perfect yards attract better buyers.

Mowing is an essential step 

Give your grass a good trip to make it look more even, tidier and healthier. However, don’t forget to remove all the weeds before you mow. Removing the weeds will ensure the grass and other plants grow freely, making your yard look better. When it comes to mowing, you can always hire a professional to do that for you. However, if you decide to do it by yourself, here are some tips:

  • Don’t go overboard and trip the grass too short – removing one-third is more than enough;
  • Don’t forget to neatly go over the edges, so the grass grows evenly later on;
  • Wait for the turf to dry before mowing, as wet grass is difficult to mow and will only waste your time;

Invest in a good-quality mower and maintain it regularly – even if you’re moving to a new home, you should have a reliable mower that will get the job done with minimum effort and time. However, pay attention to how your mover is packed and transported to ensure maximum safety once you relocate.

a mower

A quality mower will help you prepare your yard for a home sale.

Water your greenery 

Hydration is as important for plants as it is for humans. Regular watering of your yard plants will ensure they look fresh and avoid dry patches and dull shade of your grass. Also, don’t forget that mulching can help you water your plants less. Mulch is a decorative and practical layer – it ensures less water evaporates from the soil, minimizing the need for watering. 

Artificial turf is always a great choice 

Sometimes, you can do more than enough and still not get lush, green grass in front of your property. Artificial turf is a great choice, especially for high-traffic areas of your yard. It’s durable and can look fabulous for a long time with proper maintenance. However, choosing a suitable turf takes effort, so consider all the factors before you find the best option for your yard. Artificial turf comes in different materials, sizes, and heights, and the final look will depend on several factors.

green turf

Choose a durable, always good-looking turf for your yard.

Look for seasonal flowers and plants 

As you stage and decorate the inside of your home, you can get your yard ready for a home sale by adding some flowers. Find out what flowers are in season and grow well locally. That will make it a relatively inexpensive investment that will give excellent results. And if you remove the weeds and other unwanted things from the yard, it will be reasonably easy to add some pop of color with in-season flowers. 

Add some outdoor furniture 

The whole point of preparing a yard for sale is to convince buyers that they can use it to enjoy the outdoors of their new home. Add some outdoor furniture, lounge lights, and décor to complete the picture of a perfectly comfy yard ready for warm summer evenings. Styling is a final step, yet it’s not the least important one – it’s the final touch that matters

Ready to sell a home? 

Once you get your yard ready for a home sale, it’s time to put up a sign and expect buyers to come by. Even though selling a home is a process and can take time, doing your best to prepare the property will surely minimize the time it spends on the market.