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Attracting Millennial Buyers

Millennials now make up a large percentage of our country’s population. According to the National Association of Realtors, they also now make up around 42% of home buyers. As their family sizes increase and they begin to reach their prime earning potential, a new and larger home is something that ...

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Home-staging advice for apartment owners

Preparing your apartment for showing is like preparing for the first date – you want the best features pointed out. Emphasizing all the great things about the place will help future renters or buyers make the decision faster and fall in love with the apartment as soon as possible. You ...

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5 Reasons Why Millennials Buy a Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

“The majority of millennials said they consider owning a home more sensible than renting for both financial and lifestyle reasons – including control of living space, flexibility in future decisions, privacy and security, and living in a nice home.” ...

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