Ways to maximize your home sale price

March 25, 2021

Unless you’re selling a home in a hurry, you should prepare for the sale in detail. Even though you might not see it now, there are many ways to maximize your home sale price. Simple improvements and certain tricks will make your home more desirable among potential buyers and ensure you get the best deal. A maximum price is every seller’s goal, and this guide will be helpful for many new sellers out there. Let’s see how you can make more money when you decide to move and sell your old home. 

Choose the best time to sell your home 

Timing is one of the main factors of successful sales. It can affect the price of the home but also the time the property spends on the market. According to the real estate statistics, the best time to put your home on the market is at the beginning of spring. Springtime is considered a new, fresh start for many, and it’s the time when most people start house hunting. The holidays and cold weather are finally over, so it’s the best time for house visits. However, the previous year has brought a bit of change to that practice. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has declined the number of new buyers. Fortunately, these numbers have started to go up again, and people are continuing with their plans, but with precautions and safety measures.

The right season can help you maximize your home sale price and get more potential buyers.

Choose a local professional 

Even those who have some experience selling their homes don’t know everything about the local market when they want to put the house on sale. That’s why contacting a local expert is the best thing to do. Real estate agents who have worked in the area for a while know everything about the local market. That’s how they can help you to maximize your home sale price. Besides telling you some tricks to sell the home for more money, they will also guide you through the sale process. That’s why the price you pay (about 5-6% of the price of the home) is undoubtedly worth it, as you will save a lot of time, energy and reduce stress. 

Another situation where you’ll need help from a pro is moving to a new house. Moving stress can be very overwhelming. And besides the tremendous amounts of stress that it can cause, you can also get hurt while lifting and carrying heavy boxes if you don’t know what you are doing. So make sure you relocate without jeopardizing yourself. Hire a trusted moving expert who will minimize your worries as much as possible.

Get more bidders and negotiate 

The first thing you need to do is to set the right price. Although you want to make the most out of this sale, you need to be realistic about your home’s value. Location, size, and condition are some of the factors that will affect this number, so contact your realtor to help you out. Furthermore, once you get more offers, compare them and try to negotiate with the best bidder.  A bit of haggling in the selling process is okay, so take a look at the best offer, see if there are some contingencies you should consider. These may be related to home inspection, financing, appraisal, etc. Be sure to inspect each offer, as the highest one doesn’t always mean more money for you.  

There are numerous ways to maximize your home sale price in the real estate world – one of them is trusting an expert.

Make the best first impression 

When you welcome potential buyers, it is essential to make an excellent first impression. And by that, we mean making the curb appeal of your home as good as possible. Curb appeal is vital to selling a home. If the house looks good on the outside, it will attract the visitors to come inside and take a better look. Thus, go out and look at your home objectively, standing in front of it. What are the things you can easily fix to make it look good? Here are some ideas:

  • a fresh coat of paint will surely make the property look better. However, go with a neutral color that will appeal to most people;
  • take care of your greenery – remove the dead plants and roots, mow the lawn, plant some new trees or flowers, etc.;
  • paint or replace the mailbox;
  • clean the sidewalks or walkways;
  • add some exterior lights.

Do renovations that bring the most value

When it comes to preparing the home for sale, certain renovations can help you maximize the price. However, you should carefully pick these, as you don’t want to spend too much money on them. Choose the tasks you can do with minimum effort and expenses, but get the best results.

Make your home stand out – improve its look and maximize your home sale price.

Declutter and depersonalize the home

When you want to sell the home to a complete stranger, make sure you allow them to imagine their life in your home. This means you should do some serious decluttering of the house. Get rid of all the unnecessary, broken, or outdated items from each room. Old magazines, empty cosmetic bottles, expired foods, etc. Also, try to depersonalize the space by removing all the personal items such as photos, clothes, memories, etc.  This will help the visitors connect with the place and like it even more.

Clean the house thoroughly

 Many people feel that this task can’t directly maximize your home sale price, but it can help a lot. A clean, fresh, and nice-smelling place will ensure the visitors like it better. And that can lead to placing an offer, right? That’s why you should take your time or hire professional cleaners to make the place spotless. Also, if you used to smoke in the house or have pets, do everything you can to remove the odors. This is the final step before welcoming the visitors into your home and assuring them that it is the perfect property for their family.